Having acknowledged Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, publicly confessed Him through baptism, believing the Bible as God's Word for faith and practice, agreeing with our purpose statement, and being led by God's Spirit to unite with this local body of believers, our commitment to God and to this church is to pursue the following biblical standards:

To promote the unity of this church by…
demonstrating love toward other members;
practicing the Golden Rule;
exercising reconciliation and forgiveness as taught in Mt. 18:15-17;
following the spiritual leaders as given by God.

To share the responsibility of this church by…
praying for its growth;
encouraging others to attend;
showing hospitality and kindness to all who come;
communicating ministry opportunities to others.

To serve the ministry of this church by…
using my gifts and talents to serve others;
being trained and equipped to grow in service;
developing a servant's heart;
cultivating relationships with others, including the unchurched.

To support the testimony of this church by…
attending faithfully;
pursuing a growing relationship and godly life in Christ;
giving cheerfully and faithfully as a good steward;
believing the Bible as God's perfect word for faith and practice.

The Purpose of First Baptist Killen is to Praise God's Greatness,
Practice God's Love, and Proclaim God's Message

Join Us This Week
We offer several Sunday and Mid-week worship services, as well as ministry activites throughout the week. It would be an honor to share with you in the worship of our Lord!
Sunday Mornings
 9:00 am Sunday School
 10:15 am Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Evenings
 6:00 pm Sunday Evening Ministry
Wednesday Evenings
 5:00 pm Fellowship Meal
 6:00 pm A.W.A.N.A.
 6:00 pm Student Bible Study
 6:00 pm Adult Bible Studies
 6:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
 7:00 pm Orchestra Rehearsal