Membership at First Baptist Killen

We believe that being a member of a local church is important, including these three reasons:
  • Because God expects every Christian to unite with a local body of believers
  • Because a Christian without a church family is like an orphan
  • Because Godís Word commands us to be actively committed to one another

We have a Membership Brochure (click the thumbnail below) for anyone considering membership at FBK.
It addresses some of our core beliefs under these topics:

1) Our Foundation, 2) Our Focus, 3) Our Family, 4) Our Function, and 5) Our Fellowship.

As stated under the last topic (Our Fellowship), the Process for joining FBK includes:
  • Understanding and accepting our core beliefs
  • Discussing them with a church leader
  • Discerning Godís leadership to join
  • Determining a worship service date to be presented for membership
Join Us This Week
We offer several Sunday and Mid-week worship services, as well as ministry activites throughout the week. It would be an honor to share with you in the worship of our Lord!
Sunday Mornings
 9:00 am Sunday School
 10:15 am Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Evenings
 6:00 pm Sunday Evening Ministry
Wednesday Evenings
 5:00 pm Fellowship Meal
 6:00 pm A.W.A.N.A.
 6:00 pm Student Bible Study
 6:00 pm Adult Bible Studies
 6:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
 7:00 pm Orchestra Rehearsal